A case of lung adenocarcinoma with a novel CD74-ROS1 fusion variant identified by comprehensive genomic profiling that responded to crizotinib and entrectinib
Mizuha Haraguchi Hashiguchi 1, Takashi Sato 1 2 3, Rinako Watanabe 1, Junko Kagyo 1, Tomohiko Matsuzaki 4, Hideharu Domoto 5, Terufumi Kato 6, Yoshiro Nakahara 2 6, Tomoyuki Yokose 7, Yukihiko Hiroshima 8, Tetsuya Shiomi

We present a case of lung adenocarcinoma with a previously unknown ROS1-CD74 fusion variant, CD74 exon 3 fused to ROS1 exon 34, which was not detected by a conventional RT-PCR-based test for ROS1 fusion gene detection but identified by hybrid capture-based next-generation sequencing.

Thorac Cancer. 2021 Jul 28. 

Comparable Performance of Deep Learning–Based to Manual-Based Tumor Segmentation in KRAS/NRAS/BRAF Mutation Prediction With MR-Based Radiomics in Rectal Cancer
Guangwen Zhang1, Lei Chen2, Aie Liu2, Xianpan Pan2, Jun Shu1, Ye Han1, Yi Huan1 and Jinsong Zhang

We therefore investigated whether deep learning–based segmentation is feasible in predicting KRAS/NRAS/BRAF mutations of rectal cancer using MR-based radiomics.

Front Oncol. 2021 Jul 29;11:696706. 

Depiction of the genomic and genetic landscape identifies CCL5 as a protective factor in colorectal neuroendocrine carcinoma
"Dong Chen1,6, Xuanwen Bao2,6, Ruyi Zhang2,6, Yongfeng Ding2, Min Zhang3, Benfeng Li1, Hangyu Zhang2, Xiaolin Li4, Zhou Tong2, Lulu Liu2, Xiaohu Zhou5, Saisai Wang1, Xiaofei Cheng1, Yi Zheng2, Jian Ruan 2✉, Weijia Fang 2✉ and Peng Zhao"

Through the depiction of the genomic landscape and transcriptome profile, we demonstrated alterations in molecular pathways and potential targets for immunotherapy in CRNEC

Br J Cancer. 2021 Jul 30. 

Diffuse intrathyroidal dissemination of papillary thyroid carcinoma with no stromal fibrosis at presentation: A pattern of aggressive differentiated thyroid carcinoma

DDV should be regarded as a novel aggressive variant of PTC with distinct clinicopathological characteristics, aggressive biological behaviors, and a high recurrence.

"Pathology - Research and Practice Volume 224, August 2021, 153510"

Acquired ALK Resistance Mutations Identified from Liquid Biopsy in an ALK-Rearranged Squamous Cell Lung Cancer Patient Treated with Sequential ALK TKI Therapy: A Case Report
Bin Yao,1 Xue Han,2 Linrong Pang,1 Caihong Xu,1 Sisi Liu,2 Xiaochun Cheng,1 and Jun Chen

"Our study highlights the importance of dynamic monitoring of ctDNA using NGS to discover tumor evolution to guide treatment decision-making and provides meaningful insights into the potential
treatment options for ALK-positive LSCC patients."

Onco Targets Ther. 2021; 14: 4329–4333.

Evaluation of NTRK Gene Fusion by Five Different Platforms in Triple-Negative Breast Carcinoma
Shafei Wu, Xiaohua Shi, Xinyu Ren, Kaimi Li, Junyi Pang and Zhiyong Liang

Our study was designed to investigate the NTRK gene fusion status in TNBC patients and to determine whether RTK-targeted therapies are suitable for TNBC patients.

Front Mol Biosci. 2021 Aug 19;8:654387.